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Yoga Teacher Training in The Netherlands

If you are living in the Netherlands and looking forward to becoming a yoga teacher, it is essential that you first learn yoga. To pursue yoga teacher training in the Netherlands, there are many options that you have, and you can choose the one you think is right for you. But to decide about that, you must know what yoga teacher training in the Netherlands is and the options you have and know how it is different from personal yoga courses. Below are some of the answers that can help you learn and train to be a yoga teacher in the Netherlands.

Difference Between Personal Yoga vs. Teacher Training Courses:

First, you must know the difference between personal yoga courses and practice and yoga teacher training courses and practices. Learning yoga to become a teacher is different from personal yoga. This is because you are not just learning for yourself. But you are learning about how you can be a better teacher.

In teacher training courses, you learn about teaching others. You learn about theory and practice. You learn about identifying the mistakes in the poses and how to correct them. These courses’ main purpose is to make you a teacher that can teach other people about yoga, its practices, and how it is done. Teachers should know better than their students, and these teacher training courses in the Netherlands are focused on this goal.

Types of Yoga Teacher Training in the Netherlands:

Yoga is not just the name of a few practices. And it is a whole science that has its theories, principles, experiments, and practices that are done according to that theory and principles. One cannot be a teacher if he knows about yoga’s practical side but knows nothing about yoga’s theoretical and spiritual sides.

Like other science subjects, yoga also has its sub-types. Each of these sub-types of yoga focuses on different aspects of life. For example, Nidra Yoga and Hatha Yoga are two different philosophies of yoga, and these two different philosophies make two different types of yoga as well. So, everyone needs to know what are some of the major types of yoga so that you can master one or more and teach them to others.

Here are some of the major types of Yoga Teacher Training that you can have in the Netherlands.

Vinyasa Yoga:

It is also called flow yoga or vinyasa flow. In this type of yoga, the practitioner moves from one pose to another in a flow-like movement. This is one of the best ways to start your yoga career.

Hatha Yoga:

This is the yoga of force. It involves multiple physical poses and aims at creating a balance between strength, flexibility, and energy in a person’s body.

Nidra Yoga:

This type of yoga addresses the state of sleep, the realm of awakening, and what lies between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Prenatal Yoga:

This is the type of yoga that is especially for pregnant females. It helps them to be prepared for the days ahead.

Kundalini Yoga:

This type of yoga is related to Chi or Prana’s awakening, a life force present in our spines.

Ashtanga Yoga:

It is a practice of yoga that has six different series of poses. For a person to become an Ashtanga yoga teacher, a strong knowledge base and many practices are required that can be learned from the yoga teacher training courses related to Ashtanga yoga.

There are a lot of other yoga teacher training courses that you can learn about as well.

Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training in the Netherlands:

There are a lot of benefits of yoga teacher training in the Netherlands. Below are some of the major benefits.

International Certification:

If a person attends a yoga teacher training course in the Netherlands, he/she can get a certification for teaching yoga worldwide. This is one of the biggest benefits of yoga teacher training in the Netherlands.

Multiple Courses Options:

Another major benefit of yoga teacher training in the Netherlands is that it will allow you to choose a course from various options. There are many courses available, and you can choose the one you want to learn and then teach. You can also choose multiple courses at the same time.

Flexible Learning Opportunities:

Flexibility in the learning process is also a benefit you can get if you choose yoga teacher training in the Netherlands. You can choose courses that are according to your needs and match your requirements.

These are some of the benefits you can get if you decide to learn yoga teacher training in the Netherlands.

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