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Necessary To Have Good Mental Health

Mental health is as important as our physical health is. If we are not mentally well, we cannot be physically well either. We need to understand that having these issues is not a stigma, and it needs treatment as any other physical issue of our health.

Mental health and counselling services are of great importance in this regard. It is essential to create awareness among people so that people suffering from these issues can easily fight their insecurities.

People may develop mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and stress. These issues may increase with time and may result in making one’s life more complicated. People may suffer from these issues because of certain reasons.

It is essential to offer help to such people by becoming their strength. These are the hindrances and obstacles in life that make one feel anxious, stressed, and depressed.

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health Issues:

Sometimes, we cannot identify our health issues because of our hectic lives. However, you need to be extra careful to observe some of the most common mental health issues like bad moods or mood swings.

Sometimes, a long-running sadness may also indicate that you are not mentally well. If you do not want to be a part of social activities and not interact with your friends, you might be depressed.

Similarly, if you feel uneasiness and intense terror without any prior reason, there must be a hidden mental health issue behind it. Depression, anxiety, and stress also result in making one feel distressed.

Mental health disorders also cannot make a person sleep well. As a result of this, he feels irritated, disturbed, and lethargic all the time. If you are stressed for any reason, you cannot sleep well, which may worsen your symptoms.

People suffering from mental health issues also observe a noticeable change in their eating patterns. A change in eating behaviour may vary from one individual to another.

Sometimes, stress and depression make a person eat more than usual. As a result of this, he may gain extra weight and becomes obese. As a result of this, he may also get certain other health issues.

Sometimes, depression and stressed individuals eat very little as they don’t have any interest in common activities of life. They have a loss of appetite and do not want to eat anything. This condition can make them weak, and thus they cannot perform different functions of life effectively.

Mental Health Awareness:

Mental health awareness plays a vital role in allowing one to have a positive approach in life. It can help people avoid negative thoughts and thus persuade them to have optimism in life.

Moreover, it helps society as a whole. If we do not educate our society regarding these issues, it can only give rise to a community that holds negative emotions. This may result in deteriorating the whole system of community and society, resulting in hatred and rejection.


We must promote mental health and counselling services to reduce these issues. These programs can help in eradicating negative emotions and discrimination from our society.

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